The World Breaker Hulk Camaro. Fully custom designed 2012 Supercharged Camaro with a custom drawn Hulk by @papaslik to fit not only on the hood but to roll over to the side panels and doors. While the doors are fully open the Hulk comes to life and fully devours the Earth (roof) and lands on the moon (hood and grill). This wrap was installed by owner of Graphix Gurus Adam Thompson with design work from our boy Jasen Stone, we utilized both luster and gloss laminates to give this wrap full life. The color combinations with the white diamond printed and 1105 printed, will be breaking necks throughout the world! Its World Breaking time!


  • Avery Dennison White Diamond
  • Avery Dennison 1105
  • Avery Luster
  • Avery Dennison 1370
  • Avery Dennison 1360


洲: North America
区域: North America Midwest
国家: United States
State: Michigan