Monkey In Paradise

Descrizione del progetto

The Monkey In Paradise motto is, “Life is what you Drink from it” and we wanted to design a wrap that felt like an exotic adventure for the relaunch of their new nationwide branding campaign. With a vintage South Florida vibe and a little bohemian twist, we created our own custom textures and laid them over composite scenery to take you on a journey to paradise. To really bring out the life in the vintage textures we used the Luster finish laminate, which was so realistic, the owner is constantly catching admirers touching the wrap to see if the texture is real.

Prodotti utilizzati

  • Printed on Avery Dennison 1105EZRS and Laminated with 1370Z Luster

Project location

Continente: North America
Regione: North America South
Nazione: United States
State: Florida