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Industry experts from across the world will use their wealth of experience to narrow down the field, picking the most beautiful, technically challenging or otherwise most impressive wraps to move on in each round of the Challenge. Educate yourself on these elite installers, technical specialists and wrap industry professionals who will select regional winners, continent winners and the “King of the Wrap World.”

Justin Pate

Professional Installer, Global

Justin Pate is an Avery Dennison certified installer/instructor in the US with over 20 years experience working both in the U.S. and in Europe. Notably, Pate heads the Avery Dennison North American hands-on car wrap workshop and certification program. The basis of the program is Pate’s personally developed technique focusing on raising installation quality while lowering install times. Justin is also co-owner of The Wrap Institute which is an online education platform for wrapping with over 1,000 videos at 130 hours of footage.

Molly Waters

Avery Dennison Senior Technical Specialist, USA

Molly Waters is a senior technical specialist for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions North America. Waters has been with Avery Dennison since 1997, when car wrapping was still in its infancy, and since then has had the opportunity to see the evolution of digital and wrap film technology. She has over 19 years of experience in the professional automotive/wrap industry and has been around cars her entire life. As an Avery Dennison senior technical specialist Waters travels all over the country visiting shops and talking with customers about the car wrap industry. She also frequently contributes to the Avery Dennison blog, posting about the right tool for the job, and which film works best for specific applications.

Myles Kovacs

DUB Magazine, USA

Myles Kovacs is the president and co-founder of DUB Magazine, a North American magazine that focuses on the urban custom car culture and celebrities and their vehicles. Kovacs has been in the auto industry for 25 years. He started out delivering custom cars and writing in his early years, before founding DUB Magazine in 2000. Since then, Kovacs and DUB have launched the DUB Magazine Custom Auto Show & Concerts, a line of DUB Edition car accessories, a video game and designed wheels for toy and full-size cars. His dream car is a BJ Baldwin, Pro Truck Racer - Dodge Ram called "Trophy Diesel".

Peter Wright

Avery Dennison Technical Marketing Manager, Australia/New Zealand

Peter Wright has been in the digital print industry since 1996, witnessing the evolution of digital print technology and the use of speciality films designed for vehicle wrapping. He has been at Avery Dennison for nine years, working with some of the industry's leading installers in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, including renowned wrap instructor, Justin Pate. Together, they recently completed the third tour of workshops across Australia and New Zealand. With strong expertise in leading vehicle wrapping workshops, Peter has trained more than 2,000 people from Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN countries. “I'm really looking forward to seeing the entrants of this year's Wrap Like A King push the boundaries of creativity with the use of abstract designs and trending colours to transform the look of the vehicles. I'll be looking closely at the workmanship and detail that has been put into the projects while maintaining a high level of quality” Wright said.

Jurriaan de Vries

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, Europe

Jurriaan de Vries returned to the Avery Dennison organization in March 2017 after a two-year period with another company. He is the Technical Services and Support Manager, responsible for the European Technical Support organization, Trainings and Workshops in different Graphic Centers across Europe. De Vries has been active within Avery Dennison in customer support since 1997, either in relation to new projects and material recommendations or closely involved with trainings and workshops for his customer base. Having been involved with customers and the development of materials, he is especially interested in the difference between the recommended use of materials and pushing materials to their extremes for unique objects.

Stefan Ude

Ude FolierungsKonzepte, Germany

Stefan Ude is the owner of Ude FolierungsKonzepte in Germany. The company offers a wide range of services from car wrapping and signage to facade applications and trainings. Ude is a trainer for Avery Dennison Europe since 2005 and has seen and took part in the development of workshops and trainings. “I like it, to bring a group with mixed skill levels to a higher level. For me personally it is important, that the participants leave the workshop with a learning success.” Stefan is really looking forward to seeing the different designs that will be submitted. “It is great to see so many projects from all over the world. Creativity and quality are two core areas in our business and should develop constantly.”

Jun Kinoshita

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, Japan

Jun Kinoshita is the sales manager for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in Japan. Kinoshita joined the company in 2009, and he introduced the Certified Wrap Installers training program to Japan the same year. He also collaborated with Justin Pate on a workshop for installers, starting in 2014. More than 1,000 people have attended these courses, and 34 installers have achieved certification as a result of the training. “I'm very excited and honored to be part of the most exciting wrapping competition in the world. All of the countries have different techniques, approaches, trends and culture.”

Anders Prates (on the far right)

WTP Dekor, Sweden

Anders Prates is co owner of WTP Dekor on the west coast of Sweden, a small company with a strong focus on future development. WTP is unique in that the three founding partners, Anders Prates, Diego Castro and Claes Lindvall, are Avery Dennison certified installers. The three wanted to wrap their own private cars, and when they did not find a company that could do this according to their expectations, they decided to start their own venture. They have attended multiple trainings and workshops and have professionally converted over 1000 cars. WTP Dekor is known for thorough and accurate work, and in Prates’ opinion, every customer and car is unique and needs to be treated accordingly.

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